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We conduct mediation in interoffice and external conflicts. Furthermore we train employees up to management level and implement alternative dispute resolution programs.

Interoffice conflicts are often sparked by changes: The duties and responsibilities get reassigned between the work teams, a new product line is launched, a new department head is transferred to Germany.
All interoffice conflicts have something in common: they burden the company and they tend to get worse. While they are barley justiciable they still have to be resolved, fast and smooth. To lay down the law might suppress the conflicts, but for sure does not resolves them. Conflicts are resolved by adjustments. Adjustments supported by the parties involved.

External conflicts may arise between companies and her customers, co-operation partners or with the public administration: agreed deadlines are not met, the building license is suddenly made dependable of new conditions, the delivered goods do not meet the expectations. The supplier reprimands the improper specifications. Suddenly a long lasting business relationship is on the verge.

By our assistance you are able to master the conflict all-embracing, permanently and cost effective. But why wait for the conflict? It might be an even better idea to train your employees in advance and avoid the conflict at all.

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