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Mediation Schlichtung Vermittlung
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Norbert Anton Bittner
Legal job title:

Phone: 0421 - 16 822 856
Facsimile: 0421 - 16 822 859
Regensburger Str. 88
28215 Bremen

Concerned bar association:
Hanseatische Rechtsanwaltskammer Bremen, Bremen

Supervisory authority:
Managing board of the Hanseatischen Rechtsanwaltskammer Bremen, Knochenhauerstrasse 36/37, 28195 Bremen

State in which the job title is awarded:
Federal Republic of Germany

Links to the relevant professional provisions on ...
BORA - Lawyers professional code of conduct
RVG - statute of the emolument of lawyers
Code of conduct of lawyers in the European Union
EuRAG - Statute concerning the work of European lawyers in Germany

Textual responsible under the terms of § 10 MDStV:
Norbert Anton Bittner, lawyer

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